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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Going home

Finally after two years, I am packing up for home. While I am there, besides catching up with childhood friends and relatives, I am looking forward to the smells and sights of my homeland after a long hiatus. There are many things to find out and yet little time to do so. Has the Paona Bazar got a makeover beyond recognition? Is the flyover coming to a fruition? Has the topography and demography of my leikai changed? Being an epicurean of a sort, I have made an elaborate plan to visit all my favourite eating joints and hotels to savour boras, momos, aloo chop, singju, and also learn the recipes of the best among them all. The best part is that these wont cost my pocket much. And of course, there's my mom who can satisfy my palette best. You can say that of your own mom, right?

High on my priority list the family photo-shoot.

I have been longing to see a crowd that consist of only Manipuri faces, and this wish too is just a few days away. Good for me.